goodies i wanta make on a quiet morning....

ok, so i wasn't quite as crafty as you were this holiday....
you were a busy little bee.
but i was DREAMING of being crafty.
and maybe now that the pressure from the holiday timing is off i may really be able to pull some of these off?!
maybe...just maybe.

i have ideas!
let's make some stuff!
for ourselves this time...
(click on the pictures for the links)
adorable wreath!

i LOVE these hats!
you just HAVE to look at the whole post when you click on this picture.
you are gonna pass out.

lets make ourselves these and run around the back yard!?
and also get ourselves a photo booth...just for us.
well, i guess the kids can try it too.

also, lets make our pantries look like this!

just some simple ideas for us to do with our spare time....
i am only half crazy dreamer lady, cause half of me really wants to do all of this...really.

thanks for dreaming with me favorite pal!


  1. oh goodness!!!!
    i need to make every.single.one of these things.

    they're just what i was in the mood for!!!

  2. That last one so reminds me of you Heather! It must be the mini banners :) I love the star headbands too, awesome!

  3. um yes I love all of these things!

  4. dude i can't believe those are cupcake papers. that is super cool. and you're right, that whole post containing the hats almost made me faint. also, the pantry thing kind of is over the top for me. i have to let go of things that tempt me to be toooo perfectly organized. but i'll help you to be if you want, since you don't have my same affliction.


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