Things I'm loving

Do you remember the game show $25,000 Pyramid? It was on when $25,000 seemed like a million. Well, I only bring it up because my last couple blog post titles "Things that make me cry" and "Things I'm loving" totally sound like categories from that show! Ha. We were into game show watching at my house growing up.

Anyway, here are some things I'm really loving right now. I found the first couple at the local antique mall right after Christmas on super sweet deals. Yes. 

Check out this vintage ceramic tree. See how it came with lots of little plastic lights to put in the holes? Well, you can put some kind of light bulb under the bottom of the tree and they light up. OR, I can create something way cuter next Christmas to put in the all the light spots. That sounds like a fun project to me. I love how the glass is olive with a touch of turquoise and white snow swirled in. Goodbye friend, see you next Christmas. I'll miss you.

 And look at this funny guy. My kids begged me to get this for their dad who kind of loves gnomes. I think he's awesome. He is carved out of a single large block of heavy wood. Doesn't he have the best expression? He lives in the garage and watches over the stereo, dartboard and beer fridge. As he should.

Then I found THIS. A pretty, chocolate brown, woven wicker lady for me to hang my necklaces on. LOVE.

To top off this pretty lady, another pretty lady friend named Cori bought me this for my birthday a few weeks ago. Oh my. Cascades of velvet olive ribbons.
This is so me it's ridiculous.

(btw she got it at a boutique somewhere in Pennsylvania. That's all I know.)

 Fabulous, right?

 Another find - Marshalls - $4.99.  Whatever. Who doesn't need want a cake plate like this?

What's on it, you ask? A special grocery store find. My fav, made better. Valentine hearts.

And finally, I'm loving making these. Yarn flower accessories. I've made this board for my friend and hairstylist, Luna, who said she'd sell them at her station! I made her one for Christmas, and all the salon ladies were envious, I guess.

These are a few of my favorite things. What about you??

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  1. Wow - I'm loving your things. You have style - and those olive ribbons!

  2. The velvet olive necklace is to die for!
    You are very lucky!
    The wicker lady is a good find to, I have been looking for a similar one but to no luck!
    Have a good day'x

  3. i'm envious, too!

    move to new york. we need a girls night.

  4. Whoa! I absolutely LOVE that hair accessories display board and the accessories on it!!! Do you make those? Do you have a separate site that you sell them on? Well, if you don’t I think you should because they’re quite adorable!! :)


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