perfect pinwheel garland! (a tutorial)

let's make something super cute and EASY!

all you need:
paper cutter
tiny hole punch or "super sharp tool that pokes holes in stuff"(you know?)
yarn, twine or ribbon
tiny clothes pins
1. cut any double sided paper (used book pages) to 4 1/2 inch squares.
2. with a pencil(i used sharpie on this one, for pictures), make your square look like this.

3. poke holes where the dots are.

4. cut on the lines until your scissors are about half an inch away from the middle hole.

5. stick the brad through each corner hole and then finally through the middle, and secure it.

6. now cut your yarn and clothes pin those little guys on there.

so easy huh?

some notes:

  • with thin book pages i did the pinwheel process with 3-7 pages at a time (just stacked them up)
  • this would be great to do with any leftover supplies from your adorable window valentinesbut if it was double sided card stock, you'd have to do one at a time.
  • i suggest you hang the yarn where you want it and then clip those little pinwheels on after...
Now,  take your daughter outside and take ridiculously adorable photos of her, holding the pinwheels....you know you want to....or just bring her over here and let me do it since i probably want to  more than you do....



  1. sweet post! both the craft and the little doll!

  2. so excited that you posted this now! woo hoo!!
    perfect timing for my pinwheel making adventures this weekend. thanks for sharing chica!!

  3. blog award :)


  4. I love these! thanks for sharing...and they are much simpler than I thought they would be. I think making them with paper as opposed to cardstock probably makes them easier to manipulate too.


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