a child's drinking glass tutorial: just in time for summer!

hello lady friend!
i saw this idea on pinterest and just had to figure it out for myself....
and surprise surprise, it's suuuuuper easy!
you are going to love it!

supply list:

kerr quilted crystal jelly jars (you can get these at walmart or albertons)
                    (click to buy online)
straws (the ones in the photos are from the seasonal area at CVS, but i love these too)

hole punch (just a normal one, but not to old or rickety)

***when i started this project i already had the little jelly jars for glasses (so cheap and hard to break!) but i had thrown out the lids...so i went to walmart to replace the lids and bands...i got two kinds....

optional: kerr lids with bands or better homes and gardens canning lids

all you have to do is decide where you want the hole and punch it...really hard.
really really hard.
and if it doesn't go all the way through, turn it over and try again.


be careful little lady!
there may be a part of the punch that is more dull than others so you may need to stick a pencil through the half punched hole and then bend that little hanger-on-er back and forth a bit.
you can do it!

if you want to, this is the time you can trim your straws.
my star ones started at 11 inches and i trimmed them down to 9 inches.
the red stripey ones are 9 inches to begin with.

now fill you jar with a drink,
stick that lid on the jar,
and the rim on top of that and insert your straw!
soooooo cute, right!?

here is a little footage of the reed kids enjoying them...



  1. Yup, I'll be making these. Goodbye, plastic Diego cups! :)

  2. love this idea, so cute and easy!

  3. This is brilliant! Love it! I'm glad you shared the how-to with us!

  4. my kids would loooove these!

  5. Can I say that is so ingenious!! I ran out and bought some jars and straws...no more spills for us!
    Thanks for the idea!

  6. Would love to find out how not to break your hand when punching the holes in the lids. =) any tips? my hole punch was brand new and now it's sad and bent....not one hole yet.


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