My fear of shorts and other summer traditions

It was a big, big challenge, but I've done it.

I've found the perfect shorts for me!

But before I tell you about them (and the other things I'm into for summer at the moment), I have to give our friends some history on me and shorts: I've always hated them. Well, I guess it's not exactly the shorts I've had the problem with. More like what is extending down from the shorts' openings to the ground.

So last summer, remember how I decided that I was tossing out my self-conscious silliness over my legs and went in the exact opposite direction of shorts-hating, which is called buying lots of shorts? 
Well, one pair was these guys that I purchased for my trip to the French Riviera.

And 'member how you called me Monte Carlo Barbie when I wore them?
I get it. They are bright, they are cotton sateen, and they are SHORT.
They even have a side zipper, for goodness sakes.

 And let's also mention that they are not the best looking on my legs. Not terrible, but not "Wow, those look really good on you!" either.

So my quest for the right pair of shorts continued.
And ended at the J.Crew outlet last weekend.
Here I discovered The City Fit Chino Shorts.
These guys are my friends. They come in soooo many cute colors.

They come in lots of lengths too. 3", 5", 7", and 9" inseams. 
 My bestie is the 5", like in the pic above.

I think this length, the 3" inseam, is best for you, yeah?

This is the color I bought. (But this photo shows them in the 3" length.)
Check me out, buying a neutral and growing as a person.

Best part is the City Fit. The waist band is wide and medium low. Not too low for us mommies, but not too high either. It has a hook and bar closure and cute contrasting fabric inside the waist. You will like that the back pockets are slits with a button closure on one. These shorts are a staple every year for J.Crew. The only thing that changes are the colors. So you can get last year's colors in the sale section of the website for $34 or the latest season ones for $42.50. (But if you can find an outlet, you can score them for $25 like I did!)
J.Crew, I really really love you.

Here are some more things I'm really loving, which are totally getting me ready for sum-sum-summertime!

Korres. Favorite new all-natural brand of body products.
The Basil Lemon Body Butter is so heavenly after my showers at the gym.
Oh, aaaaand, many Korres products also come in nifty gym-bag sizes; really high quality products for a great price. Their scent-doctor-inventor person should get a medal because they have some amazing and unique smells.

OK. Check this out. I found this in my makeup bag and had forgotten I had it.
The reason I forgot about it is because it is way too dark of a shade for my skin. Buuuuuut, when I mix it in my hand with a little moisturizer, it is PERFECT and super glowy!
I'm sure it wouldn't be too dark for you or other normal people who don't have ghostly pale skin. That must be why they only sell it in one shade - because most people ARE that shade, right??
Total discrimination against pale people, btw.

[Speaking of pale, I'm annoyed that these colorless pictures aren't showing up very well.]

My mom just got me this amazing thing from her favorite store, Origins, this past weekend.
It is called Underwear for Lashes and dude. It is perfect for people like me who have very stubby, short, and sparse eyelashes.

You brush it on like mascara, except it goes on white in color. It basically builds a stronger base for the real thing to go on top of. It makes my lashes look way longer and fuller after I let it dry for a sec and then brush on my mascara. I was skeptical, and resistant to add another step to my makeup routine, but now that I've used it a few times, I'm super into it. Thanks mom!

So what have we learned?

Shorts can be your friend.
New smelly lotions will make you feel happy. 
Faces should be glowy and protected from the sun.
Eyelashes should wear underwear.
The end.


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  1. those shorts DO look cute!
    hmmmm, i'll have to check it out.
    and i use that face tint tooooooo!

  2. those shorts are really, really cute. What outlet did you find them at? And that LM tinted face moisturizer looks amazing! Would love to try it.

  3. Wow, a side zipper. I can only remember the days when I could pull that off:)
    "Pale Discrimination"-I TOTALLY get it. I look like a ghost in the winter!
    Lash underwear...who knew such a thing existed? Its one reason I love you; I get all educated from you.
    Have a wonderful day! (Oh and I secretly hate that your shorts shopping right now. Im still wearing jeans & sweaters.UGH)

  4. love the shorts you beauty

  5. love those shorts. i'm planning to take the plunge into real shorts again this summer too. but the ones i got last summer are a little too short. i'm liking the 5 inch option. and you know i'd pick up all the neutrals.

    which outlet?

  6. Love the shorts - and I too really struggle with wearing shorts. I might just have to step out a bit too...

  7. Hahaha your little lessons made me laugh! I have a draw full of shorts which are far too short. I have no idea why I bought them, they all look terrible on me and like they could have belonged to me when I was 13! Love the natural colours :-)

  8. Sister. Friend. Preach it from the shorts hating pulpit!!!!! It really isn't the shorts fault, I just don't love sporting my dimpled, pasty, white legs in the summer. I like the slimming illusion that my boot cut jeans offer me (as I type this I am sitting on the couch eating Dove Chocolate and Pirates Booty....hmmmm). So J.Crew huh. I will give it a try. I'm pretty sure my knees would appreciate the fresh air this summer. Thanks.

  9. I love J. Crew shorts !! I have about 7 pair from about 4 years ago and they still look great and stylish!

  10. I love the khaki short and white shirt; very nice, thanks for sharing.

  11. I have a fear of shorts too! But YOU should not have a fear of shorts. You look SO cute.

    I am determined to buy me some shorts this summer though. Living in Texas, it's a little hard to avoid.

  12. I love these jCrew shorts! I buy at least one pair every year...the only thing that has changed in the past 10 years for me has been...the length! I did notice this year, however, that while I'm normally a 4 I am a 0 in these shorts this year. Maybe it was a fluke but, yes, I bought a 0. FYI, Old Navy has very similar shorts...and probably cheaper. Happy Summer! Beautiful blog!


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