Fall, 15 minutes, and $5

So, as you know, the fall season and I are friends, simply because we have the same coloring.

It's easy for me to move into the fall season because I've always gravitated to the autumn shades in all areas (primarily because those are the colors that match my hair). I've been grabbing my mustard corduroy skirt and my tartan plaid blazer with delight this past week. It's like greeting old, loved friends in my closet in the fall. (And I remember that I look better fully clothed than in a sundress or shorts. That's just the fact of the matter.)

Last week, I ventured to IKEA and I spied these placemats. I loved that they were cork, and that they were $5. They aren't super cute on their own, but I had plans for these trees....

They were to be adorned with fall fingerprint leaves.

I bet you already have fall-colored acrylic paint in your cabinet. Brown, red, orange and yellow were all we used. And we mixed them, because leaves aren't ever a solid color, are they?

(Note the pile of leaves for jumping in on my daughter's.)

I painted our names on each placemat, along the trunk of one tree. (FYI, my spellcheck is not recognizing the word placemat and wants to change it to playmate or placenta.)

My little guy does NOT like to get his fingers messy, so he was a hard sell on this project. (I don't know ANYONE like that...??) He lasted about 7 minutes before the torture of having paint on his fingers was more than he could stand. I did get a smile out of him though. A half-hearted one.

I was happy to have the remaining two placemats to decorate my big self.

They're sorta flimsy and will probably only last this season, but I still love how they turned out! A couple fall-colored candles in my centerpiece and a white tablecloth made for a very simple and lovely table arrangement.

Five bucks.

Fifteen minutes of fingerpainty fun.

New fall decor.

That's perhaps the best time and money we spent all week.

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  1. I love these! I will have to head out to Ikea and see if I can find a set. They would be a perfect project for the kids this weekend!

    I am going to share a link over on my blog tomorrow!

  2. These are awesome! You are so creative.

  3. after following this blog for quite a while, i just have to post a comment.
    1. i love this blog. you two are just adorable and i love being included in this little conversation of yours
    2. leslie, i too am a redhead. and i too love fall for that very reason! my mom always said i looked good in mustard yellow and now that it's totally in, i love it even more.
    3. apparently, my brother didn't like having his hands dirty either as a child and would react the exact same way. boys are weird. :)

    have a blessed day!

  4. this is perfect! i love a cheap short project.

  5. i might use this at MAPS when I speak. cute.

  6. oh that's so cute and something you'll want to hang onto for years!

  7. Done and done!! Thanks for the darling inspiration... you always have the cutest ideas!

  8. Oh wow - seriously that is such an amazing idea!! We are entering into spring here, but I do love Autumn too.

  9. leslie, that is sooo cute! if we lived by an IKEA i would be there NOW!!! :) such a fun mom, you are!

  10. I love these! so cute and fun to do too!

  11. Love the place mats - such an awesome idea :-)

  12. You are ultra creative and inspiring! I need to make these -- and I love how they become keepsakes.

    Very sweet.

    Thanks for joining friday favorites and for sharing. :)


  13. Love this so much done it with my girls! http://creatrish.blogspot.com/2011/11/ikea-placemats-and-roast-dinner.
    Love your blog!


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