leslie's pinterest

hey did you know you are on pinterest?
you are.
i saw this tonight.

and i know i've already told you this, but you do have your own little section of pinterest called, "shauna's 'leslie' board" that you really should look on there soon.
there are many new things....that you will love.

words like this...

and this...

oh oh! and ideas like this!!!

also, i was thinking that we should make this for ourselves (and the kids) one tuesday after school.
since they get out early.
doesn't that look so super good!
do you think nate will like it?
fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar chips!

on a different note, are you getting a bit concerned about wardrobe for blog sugar?
is meg really gonna wear sparkly platforms!?
i think i may be under dressed.
oh my, when i think about these kinda details i just really want to back out.
what happened to you convincing me to go and stand in the back with iced teas and dark glasses? do you remember that?

....and also one happy thing is that i got a super cute trench coat at H&M last night!
(and i scored it for 20 bux!)
which could still be a really good accessory to the teas and glasses...just thinkin out loud.
will it be fun?
will we be this happy?

talk me down, friend!
or i may panic and bury my head in the sand....



  1. don't you dare back out!
    it will be wonderful and happy and fun!

    p.s. i am so much more worried about what to wear than what i'm going to speak about. that's kind of crazy to me, but it's the honest to goodness truth.

  2. don't panic. it's gonna be fun, as long as we maintain humble attitudes, and keep a sense of humor about the rest. but in case it goes south, don't ditch me.

  3. I love the sign about picking you up...after you stop laughing.:)
    FUn times are ahead this weekend:) I cant believe I leave tomorrow. Im freaking out here, so much to do. I literally have to fly out of school and off to the airport to make it there in time(90 minutes beforehand and all). And to top it, hubby wont be there. He works 1/2 an hour away from home so he wont be able to see me off:(


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