life made lacy

hey, you want to make something really cute for yourself (or a friend) in a hurry?
make one of these lacy lovely cuffs!
it's simple and fancy and pretty darn easy.
for all you friends that live locally, i think we are going to have to offer these from tidbit soon.
but i thought i should share this sweet idea with those of you that live in all parts of the world....
yah, no tutorial needed.
just take a long strip of ripped fabric.
measure some lace and trim around your wrist and sew it on , in the middle!
it could look something like mine, or not.
you could tie it in a knot (like i did)
or a bow.
you could use any number of other creative products to make it yours.
what do you have laying around?
i really just like how it lays like a cuff.
but yours could be anything!



  1. Love!! Hey, where are your adorable lacy boot socks from?? I've been searching for some and think that I may end up just having to make my own if I can't find them!!

  2. love!

    i think tidbit needs to take a road trip...to az.
    seriously! i would buy enough to make the trip worthwhile. no doubt about it.


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