I like us.

We laugh at ourselves.
We cry when it's time for that.
We listen.
We talk. A lot.

We create.
Sometimes it turns out, and sometimes it goes in the trash. 
We laugh at that too.

We blog, and then at different times, we lose vision. 
Then we inspire each other.

We encourage each other to keep it up.
Keep building, investing, loving, and surrendering.
We teach each other.
We grow in different ways.
And give honor to those differences.

We honor each other's journeys.
To honor means to give weight to something.
To value and validate.
That's friendship.

And sometimes our outfits match without even trying.

Thanks for being my friend.



  1. beautiful!
    praise jesus for the gift of a friend.


  2. friends like that are the best!!!

  3. In a way Im so envious of the friendship you two have...because I miss that in my own life. Its one thing I love about you Leslie...you're so intentional about friendship. I adore you for that.
    Miss you both!(And love the matching outfits; am I a total loser for not even noticing the matching going on that day?:))

  4. Thankyou lovely ladies for my amazing bunting in the post. As stylish as the two of you! My 10 year old daughter said how cool would it be to live so close to another country, we were inspired to look on the map to see where you live after gazing at your felt and button. Australia is such a long way from everywhere, but it is beautiful, you should come one day.

  5. i love this picture!
    you are both gorgeous, inside and out.
    kindred spirits are such a blessing and a true gift!

  6. i like us too.
    i love to see your rundown of our roller coaster.
    you truly are an intentional friend and you hold a special place in my life.

  7. i love this post & this pickie of the two of you...

    i often think that if i ran into leslie she would have me over for a coffee...i'd meet you both..what a day...

    friendships are nothing short of a constant blessing...

    melissa- Miss Sew & So

  8. you ladies are so lucky to have each other!


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