Cheers to Cake and Cotton!

I am so glad to finally be starting this blog!
It feels like we have had this baby in the works, in our heads, for a while.
I love that we are doing it.
I love this idea.
I am a little intimidated by putting my ideas and writing out there since I am MUCH more casual and (and let's face it) not as great a writer , but i am mustering up the courage to just be me and not worry (to much) about grammar or punctuation or brilliance.
One of my favorite things about us is that we are so different, yet there are many things that are the same....sorta.
In honor of that, I picked us each out a tank top, Les.

mine is aqua.
Yours is a kinda burnt orange.
They are the same, but different.
Different colors. Different sizes.
They are us.
They are super cute (of course!).
Cheers to Cake and Cotton!
{...and if you want to get your hands on any more "Shauna" or "Leslie" layering tanks, click on the color above to order them target. They are 8 bucks!}


  1. i saw those at target just this morning. so cute!

  2. cute tanks and shauna u r an am-az-ing writer!

  3. Aww...your first post! I cant wait to see Cake & Cotton grow. Seriously, people are missing out on you two!


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