Gretchen & Nurse Betty

OK, I'll do a rainy day outfit too...my body's version. But I have another good idea first. A FUN one. And I'm not that fun of a girl. So I have to make an effort to act on the fun when it comes into my head.

You know what I'm realizing? For me, the word "holiday" equals "good excuse". A holiday on the calendar gives me a reminder and a sense of liberty to do things I would otherwise probably not do. Sometimes that good excuse turns into a tradition. Take dyeing eggs. I LOVE dyeing eggs. They have nothing to do with Easter and its meaning, but that holiday is a good excuse for me to do something I really like. And in the middle of October, I'm not just gonna go dye some eggs. Of course, some holidays are much more than that, but right now I'm just talking about how they can be a reason to add some fun into your life. You're so good at fun already....but you can't ever have too many ideas. (I think that will end up on my tombstone).

So October...a good excuse to do something I wouldn't normally do...Do you know where I'm going with this? Me and my sassy redheaded self? If there is ever a good reason to dress up while being above the age of 10, it is now! And you know what? I'm thinking your marriage could use a little spice. You know how I know your marriage would enjoy some spice? Because I've never, ever heard you say, "WOW, our relationship is just so filled with spontaneity and surprise! I can barely handle how much excitement and romance is taking place!" Never. And I've never said that either. That's just our deal right now; we've had young kids for the better part of a decade now, and spontaneous has come to refer to a child having an "accident" and not having a change of clothes handy.

Mostly, we just complain to each other about how we can barely sneak out for dinner with our husbands a few hours a month. Or how hard it is to find a good sitter. Or how the kids being sick for five straight weeks is choking the life out of everything else. Right? That is reality.

So friend, I'm here to encourage jumping onto the train of good excuse. Buy a costume! Yes, I mean for YOU. Be surprising. Be spicy. Trust me that Fun is a good investment, paying off in lots of smiling and awesome memories. But you know that. You just never thought of fun in this way before.

Oh wait, YES you have!

Remember these familiar ladies, Gretchen and Nurse Betty?
(Yes, Gretchen was the actual name of my costume. I don't know the name of your costume, so I just named it Nurse Betty, you little health care vixen. And by the looks of you, someone was taking extra breaks in the on-call room. I watch Grey's Anatomy...I know what goes on in there!)

Wow. That is some shiny blonde hair. Whew. I am not sure if the greater cost is the dollar amount or the dignity, but either way, I'm jumping on the train this year. You know it's worth it. Let me know if you're in.


  1. Count me in!!! Too fun!
    Many Blessings!

  2. This is killing me...you two are somethin else:)


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