Rainy Day Taste (curvy)

As the weather cools off, I sometimes wish for a piece of you...
Let me clarify.
I wish for a longer, leaner silhouette.
Don't get me wrong, I am not wishing I was the tall elegant one (you are too good at filling that place).
I just wish for like 25% of your long trimness.
Just stretch me out!
All the fun layering styles seem to look so good on you.

But today, I pulled off my short curviness to the best of my ability.
I liked my outfit.
So, I asked my little photographer "Tiny Ty"  to take a picture.....or four.
So, here is the run down:

cute right?
What's your favorite rainy day outfit?
I know you have a perfect outfit for all those Barbies longer, slim ladies out there, needing inspiration.
You could come over and let "Tiny Ty" shoot you in your rainy day fav!
But, I think you may have a little, blond, second-born genius of your own....
Come on lady!
Show me what you got!


  1. Yay! you ladies are so cute! How fun to start this blog together:) I need to get online more often from now on...love you both!

  2. how cute are you. seriously!


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