road trip!

Ever taken a 15 hour road trip with your kids?
Neither have i.
But here is one of the ways that i am planning on managing it
(besides lavishing them with movies on the portable DVD player).

Activity bags:
In each bag there is:

a coloring book
a new regular book
a freshy box of crayons
newly sharpened pencils
2 pens
eraser sticks
two toy jets
hand sanitizer
a snack package(crackers/juice box/fruit snacks)

and my favorite,
a travel journal, made by yours truly.
The journals were so fun to make.
I made each one special.
Asking different questions and requesting pictures of certain things that i know they like.

They each have little envelopes.
Right now they are filled with stickers, to add to their drawings.
When the stickers are used, the envelopes are for little things that they are going to collect on our trip.
Leaves, flowers, little papers or kids menus....

I even made one for Reedo and I to share.

We are both so curious about how the trip is gonna go,
with all those kids in our little pathfinder.
What an adventure.
But with our travel journals, a well documented adventure....


  1. great idea.
    and such cute journals you made.
    can't wait to hear how the trip goes.
    safe travels!

  2. what a brave lady to put the "requests" envelope on the one for you and reedo :) super cute.

  3. I love this post. I found you through Joy's Hope and I have featured you on my blog post. Blog Tour and Contest. You can view the post here http://asouthernladysramblings.blogspot.com/2010/11/blog-tour-and-contest.html


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