funny little fairy

ok, so i did it.
i dressed up.
and i have to say that it kinda changed halloween for me.
i mean, i CAN multi-task, but this added an extra challenge for me.
it is hard for me to multi-task when one task is to serve and one is to relax and enjoy myself, ya know?
usually i am concerned about the details of everyone else's costumes, and the jack-o-lanterns, and the food, and all the "STUFF" that goes with a special night.
but this dressing up deal demanded that i be a participant and not just be a hostess.
it was fun!
i just had to let go of more things.
i forgot to turn on the music or light the jack-o-lanterns and the finger-shaped, bread-wrapped mini weenies got a bit over cooked...but no one else seemed to notice.
but, do you know what EVERYONE in my family noticed and LOVED???
that i was tinkerbell.
that i had a hideous blond wig instead of long brown waves.
and that it somehow made me more carefree and fun.
that change effected everyone in my house.
that was WORTH IT!
great idea friend!

p.s. as you can see, i got reedo a little coordinating captain hook action...he is a very convincing pirate...just so you know...

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