When the road trip laundry is done

Hey, come home soon from your road trip because my list of ideas is starting to pile up.

Yeah, I know you'll have five suitcases of laundry to do when you get back. But I also know you'll want (need?) sneaky, creative ways to put it off. Here are a few linkies to the things that are inspiring me lately.....

1. You know my love for Deep Space Sparkle's blog of amazing art projects for kids?

Well, I was totally inspired to make these with the kids...so let's have a Winter Craft Wednesday. And how I love owlies. These white ones look wintery and mysterious, huh?

2. Then, I want to go to the Goodwill (or somewhere like that) and buy lots of old books (preferably with green covers) and make these.

But we'll have to come up with a waaaay less messy way to make the snow. I'm not okay with snow that looks like "shaker cheese" all over my house. Maybe we can cut thin wavy strips of white paper, glue on tiny white pommies, or there's always cotton. (p.s. the hot pink background in this photo makes me sad and almost ruins the really good idea.)
3. They can go in the same Christmas tree display as these guys.

Save your magazines, friend. Maybe the big kids can even help, though the folding does get boring.  We made some last year and added stars to the tops. This idea of hanging ornaments on them is interesting too. I loved how the trees turn out primarily white with spots of colorfulness. Aren't these trees so me? 

4. And what in the world. Did you see how cute this idea from A pocket full of posies is for using teensy little flag banners?

It is tied to colored toothpicks on the cupcake-sized ones. I love it. I see New Year's Eve all over that idea, right? (note: don't go snooping around any further on Jill's blog because she inspired my idea for your Christmas present. I know you're not so great at surprises. Stop yourself right now!)

5. Speaking of New Year's Eve (wow, now I'm really getting ahead of myself) we'll need a new mix CD to ring in the new year. It will be the groovy, winter counterpart to my amazing summer mix 2010. Let's start making a playlist, which will most definitely feature my new boyfriends. You know who they are. I'm a little ashamed to admit how much they stir my soul...but don't tell anyone...mum(ford)'s the word.

6. This is not a together project, but I am really wanting to have an excuse to make this. Looks amazing, huh? My husband loves cheesecake, so "because I love him" may be my good excuse.

OK. Think I'm done with ideas for now.
You have any lately? I know you do, little sunshine! 
Can't wait to hear them when you get back.  

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