Mini-me and Mini-you

Know what?
We are so blessed to have these lovely ladies in our lives.

I know this post is not really cake & cottony.
But these girls are us.
Little, strong, miniature versions of us, in so many ways. 
And then they are not us, in so many ways.
So many beautiful ways.

The other day, as we left the optometrist's office, I overheard this conversation from the back seat:

little guy:  I want to be an eye doctor when I grow up.
big girl:  Well, I'm gonna be Ella's babysitter.

And yeah, I'm not having to wrangle my big girl into a car seat anymore, or chase after her as she bolts into the street. But I am instead entering a new phase of mommyhood, and this mom/daughter class we're taking will launch us into it, I'm sure:
For Mother and Daughter (ages 8-10)

An engaging 2 1/2 hour course which covers the basic physical and emotional changes that are associated with the onset of puberty. Our course helps young girls feel more confident and prepared for menstruation.

"Puber-Tea" creates a bond between mothers and daughters, making the transition into adolescence much easier for both. Mothers feel more comfortable and prepared for future conversations. The benefits of this course include but are not limited to:
  • Thoroughly preparing both mothers & daughters for the onset of menstruation
  • Preparation for the physical changes which occur during puberty (development of breasts, growth of body/pubic hair, acne, perspiration, and many other topics)
  • Preparation for the emotional changes which occur during puberty (emotional roller coaster, self – esteem, body image, peer pressure, feelings of isolation)
  • Learning about the roles hormones play in the changes of the body
  • Helping moms to cope with the transition and seeing their daughter in a different light
  • A safe place to ask questions
  • A strong connection is both established and nurtured between mother and daughter

Wowza! I guess I'm ready for it. I know I can handle the new season, just like I've handled all the others.

But I'm a tad nervous. And just a tad - a tiny, tiny tad - wishing I was dealing with hearing too many choruses of the "Kitties are Awesome!" song for a little longer.

{if you would like information about classes like this for you and your kids, a friend told me about this one which is offered by www.birdsnbeesconnection.com. i think they may just be in the southern calif. area)



  1. oh they are just too cute!! amazing sounding workshop, I will have to remember that when my little girl gets older!! You can do it, youre such a great mama!!

  2. i don't blame you for being reluctant to change phases.
    the "annoying" things that you thought you were so sick of seem comfy and familiar when you realize they are gone.
    however i bet sophie may still be willing to participate in the well known song "kitties are awesome"
    i will have a talk with her tonight and teach her that amazing song...
    just so you won't be too sad.....
    i'll tell her to sing it every.single.day.for a week.
    i am so generous. you are so luck to have me.

    then, it will be like that crazy unfairness of being a 30ish year old woman that has wrinkles AND the occasional zit...
    (how is that fair??)
    sophie will be a lovely pre-teen that sings annoying baby songs AND then mopes in her room 5 minutes later....brilliant!

  3. yes, thank you. because that will solve all my problems. to combine a toddler and a tween into one person. why didn't GOD think of that??

  4. Whoa momma! Im not looking forward to this talk. I know its coming. And when it does we'll approach it calmly and naturally. But oh golly gee. Gimme a few more years:)

  5. what two sweet little girls! oh man, i am so in denial about "those talks"...seriously, denial.

  6. I remember that talk with my mom! those girlies are so presh!


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