little mommy

this is ella's favorite book right now.

she has the whole thing memorized, which she thinks is reading it.
i'm sure you remember that phase with your little guys too.
it's so sweet.
so when i brought home that little buggy that you and i found at the boutique today, she ran as quick as she could to get "little mommy" and show me that the buggy is almost identical! 

of course she proceeded to grab a tidbit head scarf so she could be just like the girl in the book and take her children "for a ride, they sit in the buggy, side by side"

how lovely is that!?



  1. Oh my. your pictures are just adorable.. and I can't believe you found that sweet little carriage that looks so much like the one in the book.. I bet that just made your daughters day :)

  2. I just had to keep going back and forth between the picture in the book and the actual carriage. AMAZING FIND! It must have made her so happy!

  3. ahhh, i love it. and the buggy. and yes, i love the stage where they truly think they are reading : ) charlotte stayed in that one for so long that even wyatt started to worry that his little sister really was reading before him. ha!

  4. oh my! Love those pics, your daughter is precious! Stopping by via life made lovely

  5. super cute dude. can't believe the details on the buggy are so similar! precious girl.

  6. what a find!! .......and a special memory. : )

  7. Oh yes, my girls have the same book! Every time I read it with them I dream about living in that era...so sweet!

  8. She's adorable!!! That carriage is precious too!

  9. i love this- i had that book when i was little- and it was a huge fave- i had my dad make the little clothes line that she hangs the washing on!

    my girls have mine now...date inside and all from when i received it for a birthday...

    that pram is soooo perfectly gorgeous- and your little one in her head scarf- aren't kids and books the greatest combination on the planet!!

    melissa- miss sew & so


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