The Unfinished Summer

Today I'm looking around my house feeling like everything I see is unfinished.

And I'm trying not to freak out about that.

First of all, our summer list is far from finished. And I knoooow it's not the end of summer yet. But I still see "unfinished" written all over that thing.

And look. Remember when I did this post about the art I was copying? Well, wow. It was taking so many sittings to paint that it has now taken a back seat to other things. I really want to finish it. But when?

See that lovely light blue square painted on the wall behind the unfinished art? That was put there at least four months ago. We were supposed to paint our whole family room that color. We still have two squares on opposite walls as a constant reminder that house painting has been left unfinished.

Here is my craft table upon which the unfinished art sits.

Hello, stacks of unfinished sewing projects.

I just started this project. ('Cause I needed a new one, right? 'Cause for a moment I was blinded to all the unfinished ones in every corner.)

I plan to cover all the letters differently - one (or 2) with book pages, one with yarn, one with paint...you get the idea.

First of all, I bought these letters in December. I planned to do my "HOPE" word for our Christmas decor. I'm a little late in starting. Or early, depending on how you look at it. But it too is taking a while, so now all the supplies are spread about the family room unfinished. It's because I can't possibly complete a project in a twenty minute sitting, right? I need a string of like 10 of those. Which means like 2 weeks I think.

Look at this super cool old Bible I found at the Goodwill for $5.

I'm not going to feel guilty about "repurposing" its pages to wrap my word. Because what else am I gonna do? Wrap the word "HOPE" with pages from a romance novel? Not that I have one. Just saying. Hope is found in God's words, right? That's my thinking. (Would you have an issue with ripping up a Bible?)

And as if we needed another surface of our house covered with an unfinished project, the kids rolled out a zillion feet of paper for the biggest mural ever. It says STAR WARS. Looks fun. Looks also like a long-term art installation on my kitchen floor.

So. There you have it. Think I need to let some of this unfinished business go? Do you have a stack of unfinished happenings this summer?

Well, at least I managed to finish this post. ;)



  1. I am exactly the same way about unfinished projects. (But we don't have kids yet so I feel like I have no excuse for all the procrastination!) Oh well, life is one big unfinished project, I say. :) Also, it looks like your home is FULL of life and fun and creativity!

  2. All those projects will keep you guys sailing through life...it's all good. :) I love the letters idea. And everything else... =)

  3. Oh ladies...let me step up to the mic!!! I had baby number three in March and all of LIFE took a back seat!! She is just now at 4 1/2 months doing something spectacular called "napping in her crib." Before this it has been "napping only when my mommy held me." She will finally sleep more than 45 minutes on her own and I feel like I rule the WORLD! So all those unfinished lists are starting to get checked off. But really...what would life be like if everything was done. Can't even imagine! You might as well check into a retirement community and call it a day when that happens!


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