Bunch of numbers

Hi friend!

This is gonna be a random post. I just had to let you in on some numbers swirling around in my life right now.

20: the number of T-Ball games I am going to be attending over the next few weeks. whew. we may be skipping some of those guys. I'm gonna be that friend you're looking at saying, "wow, I'm so glad we're not doing that."

600: the temperature my BBQ had gotten to tonight while I was cooking my tri-tip. that poor little hunk of cow became more like a shrunken up, charred little bunny. so sad. i've never seen the temp needle on the outside of the grill go that high. darn it!

9/25: the date of BLOG SUGAR. i want to go and you're coming with me. we can hide together behind glasses of iced tea if it's awkward. (but I know it wooooon't beeee!)

962: the latest item on the list of Stuff Christians Like, which is this funny post about Chick-Fil-A. i love that place. maybe we should go there to have waffle fries and discuss One Thousand Gifts together. that is, if you're not still afraid.

2: the number of Shauna's Cinnamon French Toast Stratas I made today. one for Bible Study, one for home. it turned out so good for Bible Study that I came home, cleaned out the empty dish, and made another for my family.  back from our MOPS days, that recipe is certainly the biggest bang for the buck and for the ten whole minutes it takes to assemble. yes.

8: the time in the morning I'm supposed to be meeting you at the gym, so I better go shut my eyes. for reals.



  1. will you share the Shauna's Cinnamon French Toast Stratas recipe? it sounds SO YUMMY!

  2. yeah - how do I not have this recipe?


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