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Mini-me and Mini-you

Know what?
We are so blessed to have these lovely ladies in our lives.

I know this post is not really cake & cottony.
But these girls are us.
Little, strong, miniature versions of us, in so many ways. 
And then they are not us, in so many ways.
So many beautiful ways.

The other day, as we left the optometrist's office, I overheard this conversation from the back seat:

little guy:  I want to be an eye doctor when I grow up.
big girl:  Well, I'm gonna be Ella's babysitter.

And yeah, I'm not having to wrangle my big girl into a car seat anymore, or chase after her as she bolts into the street. But I am instead entering a new phase of mommyhood, and this mom/daughter class we're taking will launch us into it, I'm sure:
For Mother and Daughter (ages 8-10)

An engaging 2 1/2 hour course which covers the basic physical and emotional changes that are associated with the onset of puberty. Our course helps young girls feel more confident and prepared for menstruation.

"Puber-Tea" creates a bond between mothers and daughters, making the transition into adolescence much easier for both. Mothers feel more comfortable and prepared for future conversations. The benefits of this course include but are not limited to:
  • Thoroughly preparing both mothers & daughters for the onset of menstruation
  • Preparation for the physical changes which occur during puberty (development of breasts, growth of body/pubic hair, acne, perspiration, and many other topics)
  • Preparation for the emotional changes which occur during puberty (emotional roller coaster, self – esteem, body image, peer pressure, feelings of isolation)
  • Learning about the roles hormones play in the changes of the body
  • Helping moms to cope with the transition and seeing their daughter in a different light
  • A safe place to ask questions
  • A strong connection is both established and nurtured between mother and daughter

Wowza! I guess I'm ready for it. I know I can handle the new season, just like I've handled all the others.

But I'm a tad nervous. And just a tad - a tiny, tiny tad - wishing I was dealing with hearing too many choruses of the "Kitties are Awesome!" song for a little longer.

{if you would like information about classes like this for you and your kids, a friend told me about this one which is offered by i think they may just be in the southern calif. area)



hmmmmmm pinteresting....

did you know that i have become way too interested in pinterest?

my eyes hurt from looking at the screen right now.

it is like looking at blogs with out having to read any words.
now, i know that this may appeal to me more than you, but guess what!?
if you come look at my pin boards you will see that i have made you one.
whenever i see things you would like i pin it on there for you!
like this...

i am so nice.
there isn't too many things on there yet...but there will be,
since apparently it is my full time job to look on that site now....
how could i resist pinning this?

or this?

or, come ON! what about these!?

oh well, i know that is just part of being Shauna Reed.
obsessive creativity or inspiration or reading or antique shopping or organizing or sewing or chattering.....
and then it's over.

this too shall pass.
but until then, check out my boards!



This post will make you happy

This is NOT what I'm supposed to be doing. Blogging, that is.

I should be folding and packing and sewing.

OH AND keeping my eye on your daughter, who is upstairs galavanting around with my little dude. I promise I'll go up if I hear any shrieks.

But for now, this is way more important. Look at this!

I saw it on Ellen's blog!

I am totally printing this like yesterday in the greens and blues, but it comes in two other combos. Click above and when you roll over the files, you can preview the colors. 


Also, check this pretty little ditty out. My favorite Mumford song by the pretty little Taylor Swift.

Our friend Jules sent me the link. WHY does she expose me to things that make me so happy I almost swear. Last week it was her recipe for Salted Carmel Cupcakes. Everyone who has an oven and a mouth should make these. Especially if you use the recipe she includes for homemade buttercream frosting. I almost said something I shouldn't say when I first tasted it. And I'm not someone who usually likes frosting.

Are you so so so so so jealous of Cherish, who gets to go to the Mumford and Sons show on Tuesday? I so am. Cherish, I may not be able to look at you for a while. The Mumford glow about your face may be too strong, and I'll have to hide my eyes. (Wait, I may be thinking of what happens when someone sees God, not Mumford and Sons.)

Ok, I better get off my computer.

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone I was here.

{Now go check out the happiness on Thursdays at Paisley Jade with Kristy}




We have a WINNER

Hi friend who likes to play favorites choose a winner based on things that involve non-random-fairness.

Look what I have below. Isn't it lovely?? 

My Be-Fri's at did a good job at being our winner-picker.

It's a little cute, yeah?

And watch. I love it's magical powers.

In our drawing, there were 43 entries (45 comments, minus our silly bantering). So I put a 1 in the Min and 43 in the Max. The cute friend picks a winner, fair and square. Then I went back to the post and counted down the comments..... 

Guess who it picked?? 

Congrats to SARAH from Handbags *N* Pigtails 

because she gets some bean bags.

And who doesn't need some of those, I ask?

Hey, do you think I should make a few more beanie bags and pick another? We'll see.

Because I love that random picker guy.

And I REALLLLLY love our blog friends.

{Yay Sarah!!! Email me your address, sweet pea!}



loveliness abounds

the loveliness abounds today.
we get to share.
these are the sweet little bean bags that you(leslie) made.
how lovely are these little guys!?
i took some pictures of my sweet pea holding them and breaking them in a bit and then she and i wrapped them up to send to a lovely lady who comments on this post today....

i suppose you could say it's a bribe.
you see, although i still really like the idea that we came up with for cake and cotton to be a conversation between my favorite red-head (you) and i....i think there may be some that are needing a little motivation to join into the banter.
they may not be quite sure if they are in the group....and BTW the answer is "yes, yes you are"(yes you sitting at your computer in your jammies).
this little blog of ours is meant to be a sassy little conversation, and i am hoping others want to be friends too!
got something to say?
a strong opinion? (leslie can certainly relate to that! ha! i, on the other hand am as mild as a lamb *wink*wink*)
let's hear it!
but for today, just leave us a comment that answers this question.
what is the best quality a friend can have?
come on!
first thing that comes to mind.
don't click away!
just. one. word.

les, you can pick a winner if you want.
i know you love
me? i'd pick the winner from which comment i thought deserved it :)
that's just me.
we pick, either way, on friday....

and we are linking to our favorite girl's lovely little link-up too...does it get any better?

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