Changing it up

Hey pal!

Isn't there just so much delicious change happening all around us?

Well, the most obvious change is right here, thanks to Heather, the very gifted blogger/designer/person-in-general...gosh, she has so many talents and gifts, I don't even know where to start in defining her! But you know that already. And you know Blessed Little Nest, her amazing blog. And you KNOW she's speaking at Blog Sugar!!  Yay. When we get there in September, I can give her an actual hug and thank her for all the radness she's delivered to this here Cake & Cotton! Heather, we love you.

I can't even decide what aspect I like the best about our new look...the houndstooth? the fonts? the sidebar?? all so great, huh? Somehow lovely things always (ok, often?) come out of our collaborations. And oh my gosh. The new button! I hope all our friends want to take it.

OK. So check it. All last night and this morning, I was embarking on change of my own in my house. Painting my kitchen! It is just one small step in the many I want to take in redecorating my home.

Finally. You know it took me the last five years just to get used to my house. Just to accept it as our home. And now, this redecorating is my outward display of finding joy here. Putting my own self and my own taste into my space. I'm growin' up.

This color....I don't know how to describe it. It's called "Open Range." That helps. All I know is that I love it and it is not light tan, like the color I'm covering up. Actually, it's a LOT like that citronish color in our new blog design, like in the houndstooth?? You know how it is....my actual kitchen wall space is pretty small, so I'm getting a lot of punch and a lot of drama with a great color in small blocks.

That's me focusing. I tied all my hair back, ya know, so it didn't get painty. My neck looks really long. I'm standing in the sink, so that's why I'm almost hitting the ceiling with my head and the light is threatening to burn my hair.

And oh my gosh. You should see the window valance I made to hang up as soon as my paint dries. It's so cute. I even gave it a box pleat! Those pics will come soon.

I have painting skillz. I even have a favorite brush. That's the one I'm using. I've painted a lot of rooms in our past houses. I think it's fun. My hubs? Not so much.

Spring is in the air, and I need some ch-ch-ch-changes!! 

How 'bout you, Reedling? Heard you were changing things up in Ella-bear's room? C'mon please put a picture of your progress right here, mkay?

{ahh! i don't even have any pictures of ella's room yet!!
but i do have one of this little beauty we found on Saturday....}

{oh, how i love her.}

Hugs, (oh, and how much do i LOVE my new signature?? lots.)



  1. so happy you girls love your new space as much as i loved creating it! i can't wait to see your kitchen when you're done putting your mark on it leslie. that color is fab!!!

  2. cute, girls! i LOVE it! look forward to follow along... :)

  3. Sooo, my friend Cherish from Kiwi Freckles put your adorable little blog in her link love Friday today, and I TOTALLY agree with her, I LVOE your blog's new look (not that I had the pleasure of seeing the old look). So glad she linked to you so that I could "meet" you. Come on over and meet me www.myriahmae.blogspot.com!


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