Just cute stuff

Wow. I have a lot of little snippets of amazing to show you.
These are a handful of things I'm so loving right now. 

My side table arrangement.

A bright frame, and old globe, a good piece of fabric, and some pretty books to inspire me.
It's kinda crowded up against my desk, but whatevs.

This little lady is watching over all the books I can't wait to dig into. I love her. Thank you.

And look at this. Can you tell what it is?
An angler fish. Happiest one you'll ever see.
Kinda like my little guppy.
I just love my kids' art.
This angler fish is using his light to lure you towards a big hug, I think.

Hoop Art.
I got like 6 new hoops just waiting for my creative juices to make them beautiful.
Don't you just love having good supplies waiting in the wings?
{I'm giving away this little creation on top of the page today}

Long after Christmas, this gift remains a favorite delight, thanks to my brother and sis-in-law.
How perfect is this tea kettle for me? 
Not too big, just the right color, and heats up water in a flash. 

My three little chicks.
Only at Easter, dude.
Be okay with the chickens.
Aren't they precious? Imagine they're pecking grain off my antique hutch.

I saved these for the big finale.
Heather at Cookie Mondays just posted these pics (and many others) of her daughter's 4-year old Milk and Cookies Birthday Party.
Oh my goodness. My favorite birthday idea to date.
That Heather is a genius, huh?

(and so is Mel, who is behind the camera, by the way)

I wonder if Heather would make me a plate of these for my birthday?? I totally want them instead of cake next year!!  WHAT is that filling? Ice cream? Frosting? Like the filling of a whoopie pie?
Ah, the wonder.
{Have you EVER seen me get this excited over a dessert? I'm a simple girl. Haha, I mean I just like to pretend I am.}

Wait just a minute.
What if YOU have a baking party for your birthday, since you're next!
I'll make the cupcake liner garland. Bea could make the cookie sandwiches.
And we could make aprons for all our friends?!

OK, maybe that idea will just stay in my dreams.
But it was a good one, huh?


Linking up to Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving!
{'Cause all these are things I'm seriously loving.}



  1. oh my goodness.
    those pictures look so pretty on our cute little blog!
    i want to go to that party too.

  2. It's vanilla buttercream :)
    THANK YOU for sharing!
    Come over for cookie sandwiches anytime!

    How random is this: I have the same alphabet fabric in a hoop on my hoop wall! AND I have 3 chicks on my little entry table :)

  3. LOVE all your pretty little pics. Great way to start my morning:)

  4. Love that little lady - drool drool! Your frame is so cute - and wow, loving hoop art!! Thanks so much for linking up. xoxo

  5. So many visions of loveliness here. That party setting is totally spinning my wheels!

  6. cookies...party...yesssssss...


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