Spray Paint Revolution

You're gonna be proud!

March 10, 2011 is a day that will go down in history as the day I became a tagger. Well, like a mommy-nesting-spring-cleaning-decorator version of a tagger.

Thanks to Julie's tricks of the trade (she's a spray paint queen!), I slowly honed my skills and by the end of the day, emptied two and a half cans of spray paint on my goods. My hands were stained, my fingers were completely fatigued and this weird tendon in my wrist was hurting like all get out.

Color: Sweet Tomato. LOVE it. It is not red, and it is not orange. It's perfectly inbetween. It's by Rustoleum, American Accents. I got it at the giant Joann Fabrics store that takes me an annoying thirty minutes to get to.

Item #1 - magazine rack which does not hold magazines. It hangs in the guest bathroom and holds towels, my daughter's toiletries, Windex wipes and Clorox wipes, so she can help clean said bathroom, and also displays some cute things on top.

Item #2 - towel bar in the same bathroom. Isn't it great?

Then I was on a roll. I had also bought a can of Aqua, just because I loved it.

I hunted around and these guys got transformed from ugly grey/green to this.

Magical. I am in love!!

This chipping little metal side table was just about to go in the trash. But because of the SPR (Spray Paint Revolution) I now know that I don't have to accept things as they are. I can change them! (OK, only the color of things, and only things that aren't alive.)

Watch out, though, 'cause I feel powerful, and it's starting to go to my head.

(Or maybe it's just the fumes.)

Ooh. And together, they are even your favorite color combination! 

What else can we spray paint??

{Also, I just updated the "Our Story" link at the top, so it is no longer a blank page! Check it out.}



  1. Love this Leslie!! Your stuff looks awesome. I recently started spray painting too. A couple of months ago, I assembled a whole bunch of random unused picture frames and went crazy. For extra vintage radness, you can smear your work down with a black glaze, such as Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze (tinted with black), and then wipe off. Erin

  2. wow. i looooove that towel rack. how is that a towel rack? i've never seen one so beautiful!!?! isn't it addicting (spray painting i mean). i love the american accents colors, and you should also check out the krylon colors that michael's carries (at least mine does). walmart has some of those krylon colors too, for a lot cheaper.

  3. Um I seriously am addicted to spray painting....maybe like a tagger?? hahahaha ok Im convinced you can transfor anything with a can of red paint!!!
    LOve your goodies!!!

  4. spray painting is my naptime friend. seriously..when the little one is napping i grab my can and grab the first thing i see and go for it. my neighbor finally got the courage up to come over and see what it is that i am actually doing around 2ish each day that creates a streaming sound accompanied with fumes. now she is addicted too !


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