ladies rock cute hair.

hi lady
did you see this sassy photo of me rocking a side pony?
well, after getting a waver like Cherish's,
i have been inspired to do more cute styles
and i think you should too.
your long lovely red hair (reign in the jealousy) would look so cute all waved and side ponied.
for this side pony i followed this tutorial.

i have gotten lost on a few blogs lately that have tutorials and inspiration for hair-dos!

a cup of jo had this red haired beauty....
(this is an awsome blog (btw))

and my cute friend, erin tried this one on her 5 year old!

Cherish also linked to great post that included this.

um. wow.
i wish i had a hair stylist do my hair everyday...but for now, i am gonna try my hand at a few.

ok ok, one more....

(do ya like how there are as many as possible with red hair?)
lord knows we have enough fabric to braid our hair and tie it with a piece, right?
simple and pretty.
that's us.
simple and pretty.....

well, maybe not simple, 
but pretty, right?
on a good day?


  1. dude this is an awesome post. you know how much i STINK at hair-dos. I can't even french braid. my daughter has much disappointment at my failures in hair creativity. the fancy styles already make me feel nervous and incompetent, but i could try them...especially the fabric tie one. i just love the redhead with pale skin and the fancy up do. wow. i wanna be her.

  2. love all of these & your side pony! :)

  3. It's posts like these that make me wish my hair was longer than its current 1 inch length. Maybe by winter time. :)

  4. took the inspiration and bought a waver. love it! thanks for sharing!


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