hmmmmmm pinteresting....

did you know that i have become way too interested in pinterest?

my eyes hurt from looking at the screen right now.

it is like looking at blogs with out having to read any words.
now, i know that this may appeal to me more than you, but guess what!?
if you come look at my pin boards you will see that i have made you one.
whenever i see things you would like i pin it on there for you!
like this...

i am so nice.
there isn't too many things on there yet...but there will be,
since apparently it is my full time job to look on that site now....
how could i resist pinning this?

or this?

or, come ON! what about these!?

oh well, i know that is just part of being Shauna Reed.
obsessive creativity or inspiration or reading or antique shopping or organizing or sewing or chattering.....
and then it's over.

this too shall pass.
but until then, check out my boards!



  1. oh wow...i am so addicted too. have been for months. i stopped trying to pin and repin though because for some reason that site runs terribly slow on our PC. so i just go on there and drool...gather ideas...lose sleep !!

  2. Fooey! The pics wont show up for me here:( I'll check back in later.

  3. I can't see the pics, either, but I'm already following you and grabbing loads of inspiration from your boards! I especially love your "words" board. So much great stuff.

  4. I just discovered pinterest and I too am hooked! Love the pillow, too funny!

  5. Ok now I can see them. I need that pillow...love it!:)

  6. woo hoo for my own pin board! you so know me and my orla kiely love!!! thanks pal.

  7. hahah i love all of this. especially the lets make out pillow it made me laugh. and the stairs is amazing. :)

  8. I had no idea what Pinterest was until a couple of months ago when a girl whose blog I was designing was asking me to somehow incorporate it into her design! It's wonderful and such a great idea!

    I just found this sweet blog! So glad to meet you ladies :)

  9. What a great blog you have. It's so interesting, colourful, whimsical. So happy to have found you! I need to figure out Pinterest. People are raving about it! Have a wonderful day...

  10. Oh my word, those stairs...love them!


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