loveliness abounds

the loveliness abounds today.
we get to share.
these are the sweet little bean bags that you(leslie) made.
how lovely are these little guys!?
i took some pictures of my sweet pea holding them and breaking them in a bit and then she and i wrapped them up to send to a lovely lady who comments on this post today....

i suppose you could say it's a bribe.
you see, although i still really like the idea that we came up with for cake and cotton to be a conversation between my favorite red-head (you) and i....i think there may be some that are needing a little motivation to join into the banter.
they may not be quite sure if they are in the group....and BTW the answer is "yes, yes you are"(yes you sitting at your computer in your jammies).
this little blog of ours is meant to be a sassy little conversation, and i am hoping others want to be friends too!
got something to say?
a strong opinion? (leslie can certainly relate to that! ha! i, on the other hand am as mild as a lamb *wink*wink*)
let's hear it!
but for today, just leave us a comment that answers this question.
what is the best quality a friend can have?
come on!
first thing that comes to mind.
don't click away!
just. one. word.

les, you can pick a winner if you want.
i know you love random.org.
me? i'd pick the winner from which comment i thought deserved it :)
that's just me.
we pick, either way, on friday....

and we are linking to our favorite girl's lovely little link-up too...does it get any better?



  1. A real friend is genuine and honest.

  2. a real friend is understanding

  3. The best quality: being REAL.

  4. trustworthy is the first thing that pops into my mind...then lots of others tumble in: honest, genuine, real, fun, dependable....I could go on and on, but you only asked for one! :)

  5. i feel like i shouldn't win, since i just won leslie's hoop art giveaway... but i wanted to say: a real friend pursues you, and they want to understand, even if they're completely the opposite.

  6. Genuine-ity(is that a word)?:)

  7. brings you back round to the Lord.

    (i need those kinds of friends daily)

  8. how about 3? loves you unconditionally, is faithful and loyal, and helps you to always hope & trust in the Lord!

  9. Always there for you.
    Newest follower!


  10. faithful and true

  11. Realness. Is that a word? I appreciate a friend who can be vulnerable and makes me feel normal.

  12. real and nonjudgemental, seeing you through eyes of grace.

  13. true love - loves you despite your faults, slip ups, lacks - that's a true friend indeed!

  14. My dearest friend just came over to my house to visit our five day old baby. While she was here she made my older two kids lunch and read them stories. I would say a real friend is THERE. Be it on the other end of the line, or in person, the show up...they are THERE for you.

  15. Devoted - because a true friend stays devoted, when other people seem to give up...

  16. True...stands by you no matter what!

  17. The gift of speaking the truth in love.

  18. you ALL have so many amazing comments on friendship...there are so many, i don't think we can choose the "best" answer?? being a great friend means ALL these things. random.org, here we come on Friday.

  19. Steadfastness.

    Not sure if this is an international giveaway? I am in australia. Ignore my entry if you wish. Love your blog Shauna x

  20. trust!!! hands-down. : )

  21. told you she loves random.org.....maybe we should have two winners.
    one chosen by me(shauna) and one chosen by leslie's best friend....

  22. and why didn't i know about this blog?
    anyway, the best quality a friend can have is that they know how to bake.
    ha. no...well, wait, i don't know.

  23. a REAL friend lets me be me....with no judgement.


  24. x Forgiving x

  25. A loyal friend is hard to find!

  26. love those sweet little bean bags. yes, yes please! best quality in a friend....hmmmm, thoughtful. :)

  27. True

    Those are sweet bean bags. Becca :)

  28. My list looks something like this: genuine, honest, trustworthy, dependable, present, and above all... POSSESSING THE ABILITY TO MAKE ME LAUGH! :)

    sweetpeasandsassafras at yahoo dot com

  29. REAL. authentic. and one that makes the cutest little beanbags ever is nice, too. <3

  30. Gets/understands my heart.

  31. Honest!
    A good friend needs to tell me when I'm being ridiculous...and encourage me when I'm too hard on myself.

  32. I agree with those who said anything along the lines of real or genuine. I am so blessed to have genuine friends, I can't ask for much more! Okay, maybe I can ask for a little more...like maybe that random.org will like me...

  33. A friend is someone who knows you are sitting at the computer in your jammies!!! How did you know that???? Xo

  34. Someone you get to live your day to day with....the woman you can have over when the laundry is piled high, the kitchen is a mess and no matter how much you fight keeping them from seeing the mess, they continue to be in the mess and help clean it up with you. Messy kitchen, just like a messy heart is hard to share but your friend will be there in both.


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