We have a WINNER

Hi friend who likes to play favorites choose a winner based on things that involve non-random-fairness.

Look what I have below. Isn't it lovely?? 

My Be-Fri's at http://www.random.org/ did a good job at being our winner-picker.

It's a little cute, yeah?

And watch. I love it's magical powers.

In our drawing, there were 43 entries (45 comments, minus our silly bantering). So I put a 1 in the Min and 43 in the Max. The cute friend picks a winner, fair and square. Then I went back to the post and counted down the comments..... 

Guess who it picked?? 

Congrats to SARAH from Handbags *N* Pigtails 

because she gets some bean bags.

And who doesn't need some of those, I ask?

Hey, do you think I should make a few more beanie bags and pick another? We'll see.

Because I love that random picker guy.

And I REALLLLLY love our blog friends.

{Yay Sarah!!! Email me your address, sweet pea!}



  1. yah, member when i said a few hours ago at the antique store that i thought maybe she should win?
    maybe your BFF isn't as "random" as we thought.
    or maybe i control the universe...just sayin'

  2. Ut oh... Im extremely excited that I won but dont want this to turn into a recount or anything:) Thanks girls. I'll get great use out of these between my two little girlies and my kids church class!
    Off to email you now!


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