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cookies and milk and watercolors

there really is nothin' like cookies and milk after a long summer day of swimmin' and playin'....
this is the good life, i tell ya.

and just to top it all off, some watercolors.

thank you for the lovely day.
you make a mean quesadilla and peaches
and us reeds loved havin' some of our favorite people over to play (and chat)....



  1. ahhh i love how your photos put such a romantic wash over life. you are so great at capturing who my kids really are. i love that. and sorry i forgot to add the peanut butter to the cookies. still bummed about that one.

  2. Love these photos! What a great day.

  3. love this. the photos are great what kind of camera do you have. i'm in the market for one.

  4. Looks like a great afternoon! Might have to steal the idea for a photoshoot at some stage :)

  5. These photos our fabulous -- looks like a dreamy afternoon!
    I'm a new follower -- enjoying your blog!


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