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My magnum opus is finished

Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel.
Beethoven had his fifth symphony.
Tolstoy had War and Peace.

I have this.
The piece of art I shamelessly copied from one I saw at Cost Plus. I think it has become my magnum opus, my greatest work. (You know you love how dramatic I am.)

But remember how I started it IN JULY?? I have never spent so many hours on a project in my life. And had I known what kind of time it would have taken in the first place, ummm, I would not have done it.

But I'm so glad I did, because now it's hanging in my entry and it makes me really happy.

And I feel proud of myself when I look at it. Don't you think Casey will be proud of me too, the artist that she is?

Here are a couple more cutey things I recently hung next to the front door. (Excuse the shadows caused by the coloring pages taped to the windows.)

I love my new bulletin board. You can get one here (except I found it at their outlet store for cheap!).
The 4x6 printables were little treats from Blog Sugar if you attended the session with our pal Julie.
The black & white "Blessed" graphic was a postcard in my Blog Sugar swag bag, from here.
The giant-sized push pins are from here.
The key-shaped wall hook is from here.
I won the birdie plaque from a giveaway, made by her. I customized my own saying based on part of this passage. Love this company. Check them out. I got sucked in and bought gifts too.
And the turquoise metal container, which I'm using for mail, is actually from here (their back-to-school section from the summer).
And the calendar! My favorite one. Not practical, but so beautiful. Can't wait to get the 2012 for the same spot. Check it out here. YUM.

What's new around your house??

I know you have some little - ok, maybe BIG - projects you've been workin' on! Show us, show us!

{in the house with Heather today}



  1. Love it! This was my latest big project!

  2. It's awesome! I'm just now finding your site (love finding awesome blogs like this one!), so maybe you already posted this... but do you have a tutorial of how you did the painting? It's awesome!! You could sell them ;)

  3. Didnt you get that Anthro key thingy the day we were there together? Im still milling over that orange infinity scarf we saw that day. Dont be surprised if I need an invoice for that someday too:)
    Miss you!

  4. well, wow!
    that's a lot of links.
    your painting turned out really very beautiful.
    i can completely understand how sweet it is to walk by it 50 times a day and be proud.
    i put my blog sugar black and white card out recently too, but mine said something different.
    i'll show you soon.

  5. Wow! That is AWESOME and completely worth all the time and effort you put into it. I love it! Your whole entry-way is fabulous!


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