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ballerina brain

ballerinas are on my mind.
ella is starting ballet on tuesday.
she doesn't even know it.
her birthday is monday and i am planning on giving the information to her then.
we've been looking at pinterest photos while i pretty much convince her that she wants to be a ballerina.
i'm convinced.
not sure about her.
i went to the dance supply today and got the sweetest leotards.
(you were right about me loving that place)
ballet shoes.
tap shoes.
pink tights.
they tried to sell me a hideous bag.
i think i'll make one.
i hope she like ballet, if only for the photos i dream of taking....

p.s. i so badly wanted to just make a collage of a bunch of these pinterest photos.
but instead i tried to do the right thing and embed them so that people could get the credit they deserve.
and seriously, its such a pain.
the formatting is going crazy.
i can't center stuff.
i want to kick the computer screen.
and i'm just trying to be good.



  1. so so happy for you. i miss those days, when my baby girl would want to put on her "reena stuff" and twirl for as long as she could. something about those pink leather slippers and special leotards that i loved. i can't wait to see how you capture those days in photos!

  2. oh you are about to embark on the most beautiful photo taking of your life as a mama- we have two girls and our gorgeous boy in the middle- i can tell you that no soccer photo can compare to the photos of your little one in a tutu in a beautifully lit hall...

    those photos are gorgeous today- even if they were not co-operating!!

    make her a bag- you'll love it and she'll keep it forever...i did for both mine and we've just added tap to the mix for little miss.6- she's found her freedom on the dance floor- bless her!

    happy birthday preparations for your little one too...

    melissa (Miss Sew & So)


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