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You should do a Christmas album with Zooey.

So I've been watching a lot of "New Girl." You are too, right? Don't you love it? Like, in a light "this temporarily erases my memories of the kids throwing up today" kind of way?

But every time I watch it, I think, WOW, those outfits! Shauna would look so cute in that.

WOW, Shauna would buy that onesie in a heartbeat.

WOW, a red dress with turquoise shoes? Really???

Is she reading your mind?? It's getting weird, don't you think?

The most recent episode I saw, where Zooey's character is the LEADER OF A HANDBELL CHOIR was just so, so rad.

Did you know that the church I grew up at had a handbell choir? Yeah. They rocked it at every big occasion and were a GIVEN at Christmas time. Jon Acuff reminded me toinight about what a critical part of Christmas handbells are! Don't you agree?? (I cracked up at his post linked above on wanting your contemporary church to go oldschool at Christmas.)

So tell the truth. Did you ever play the handbells?

That outfit (minus the handbell gloves) has your name all over it!

The point? You and Zooey should do a Christmas album and throw in some handbells. You could wear matching onesies on the album cover too. Except then when she asks you to start a blog with her, it may break her heart when you said "No." You'd have to let her down gently.

Alright, enough of my late night silliness. Here's some of hers, from one of my all-time favorite Christmas movie scenes (turn up the volume, it's sorta quiet).



  1. When I watched Elf the first time I knew her career would take off after that. How could it not with the voice she has?
    And no I never played handbells. But like anything, I guess its an art when done right:)

  2. I LOVE the New Girl!!! I hope it stays on for a long time. I have an obsession with Zooey and all her cute clothes, and that HAIR! To die for.

  3. ha! I DID PLAY THE HANDBELLS! in junior high, i think.
    and yes, i love her style( or does she love mine?)and and she even has a similar body to me, i think.
    and i WISH for her hair!
    maybe mine will be like that in like 2 years!?

  4. ps. did you at all notice the strange way zooey and i are look at the same thing in off the side of the top of our header up there?

    it is getting a bit weird.

  5. great post and wonderful blog!!! following you now..

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  6. leslie! your here too.

    new girl is HILARIOUS. when jess randomly sings in each episode, i get a bit giddy... i know someone (me) like that, who also has a daughter like that.
    i totally noticed the red dress with turquoise shoes.

    shhhh, don't tell anyone we JUST watched Elf for the first time. fuuunnnnnyy!

  7. btw- "i love you lord" rocks more than "eye of the tiger" on hand-bells. definitely a "sweet sound in Your ear."

    here is a link from when my daughter, emilie, then 9, lead the hand bell choir at our former church (thanks for reminding me of this).

    merry merry!

  8. mmmm. Hand bells. Yes, yes... I did ROCK the hand bells back in the day. I played some little, tiny ones at the end of the table. Zoe is a doll...but the bangs...I can't handle the bangs. I want to trim them SO BAD. How does she see? Does she have a tan line? Maybe an unattractive tattoo she is trying to cover under all those bangs. She was my go to for Christmas music this holiday...I think I may need to sneak a little Christmas music while the husband is out of the house...I'm having withdrawls.

  9. Oh yes, I have been watching new girl. I have pinned so many photos of her on my pinterest page. She is just too funny & I love her vintage style :)
    I just started following you on gfc
    Abi K

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