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Meet Leslie

She is the most determined friend i have ever had. She uses this determination in all she does. Whether in her mothering or friendship or her devotion to her husband or finding a good font, she is intentional about doing her very best.

She will figure out the details BEFORE starting a project or moving forward with an idea. She will figure out what to put in a set of jars before buying them. She will make a list of exactly how many rosettes, of each color, to make for each wreath and THEN start. She is a perfect speller and I think my mom must smile(smirk) at that, since she was too.

She has good taste (this is an understatement). If she suggests that I will like something, my personality is to doubt that another person can know just what I like, but that has been proven wrong time and again. She likes good stuff. You can count on it.

She thinks the same things as I do, in a different way. And she is not trying to change me into HER, she is trying to understand ME. She pursues where I retreat. She is tall and elegant, where I am short and curvy. She loves clean and modern, where I like vintage and eclectic.

Her language is words and she is constantly surprising me and blessing me with them. She has a lot of thoughts and she clearly expresses them through words. She sometimes finishes my sentences when I can't think of a word or get my thoughts out.

Although she has high standards, she sometimes surprises me with her willingness to eat at Taco Bell or give her kids grace when I am focusing on rules. And that grace runs over into all her relationships. Because she is humble, she always (mostly) looks at others through a lens of grace that is sometimes hard for me to understand.

She and I are different, but the same. She is my complement and I am hers. She lifts me up when I am down. Two are better than one.

Leslie also blogs at Top of the Page where she uses all those words to work out her faith within the pages of God's story for her.

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