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Meet Shauna

She is beautiful because she is full of joy. She is almost always happy, which is reflected in her obsession with the combination of red and turquoise, her musical favorites like Jason Mraz, and her visible grace when faced with her shortcomings. She is also prone to sudden, loud bursts of laughter in quiet restaurants.

She doesn't have to be good at everything. She's taught me to say with a smile, "I have many other fine qualities!" when I'm self-critical. She challenges herself to attempt projects I may shy away from for fear of not getting it quite right. She's flexible, comfortable in her own skin, and has no idea what the word "precise" is for.

She doesn't love reading directions, would rather overpay than figure out how to split the bill, and has trouble telling you her recipe, since it was guesstimated, felt, and experienced instead of measured.

Her language is color. She is excited by giving something vintage new life, and then even more excited to give it away to a friend. Creating with her hands is the way she prefers to reflect the God-given beauty in her life. And reflect Him she does.

Finally, she is brave. She loves her family passionately, always searching for wisdom in how to fulfill her callings as a wife and mother. She is on a mission to raise her children into strong and loving adults, even when they drive her to her limits.

She is girly where I am preppy, curvy where I am straight, requires shorter boots and prefers shorter shorts than I do, is a Summer where I am an Autumn, and laughs as much as I cry. Somehow, God has brought us together, filling in our gaps with one another's friendship. And despite her questionable spelling skills, I've learned more than I can express from her. I am so blessed to be called her friend.

Shauna also blogs at The Reed Life, where she shares the beauty in her life and home through her camera lens.

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