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fear of one thousand gifts...

i came across this post today and thought of you.
have you seen this blog before?
storing up treasures.
she has 10 children...need i say more?
she has a real gift, and she is reading One Thousand Gifts.
i still want to get that.
i saw it at the book store the other night, and didn't get it.
i'm not sure why.
i guess fear.
fear that it will be too revealing.
i mean, it will reveal too much of myself to that weird?
i just almost feel sorta lazy about that lately.
like searching and searching is just tiring and i just want to be.

but one of these days i will get over the fear, and roll up my sleeves and just buy it.
or maybe God will send one of his annoying angels to leave it on my car or my doorstep or something....
ha ha.
for now, i am sorta obsessed with one of Ann's blog posts that is just a excerpt of the book.
have you read this one?

just thought i'd add a picture of one of your favorite candies too.

oh, and also this kinda awesome picture that i took of you and our girls the other day.
it was a light tester shot and was totally over exposed...but kinda rad, right?
sometimes "not perfect" is perfect.


  1. I love the new header...and Im gonna look up that book....happy saturday!!!

  2. i just started reading that book and i was blissfully unaware of what i was in for. now i'm committed to chatting about it with other ladies so i HAVE to read it. funny how God does that, isn't it? ;)

  3. i just became a follower of Storing Up Treasures. Wow, just on that one post alone. Just like what I wrote on a few days ago, it seems. Thanks dude. And just b/c I BOUGHT One thousand gifts, doesn't mean I'm reading it right away. You know I like to let things age a little. Wanna do a mini-book club/small group with it together?


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