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The Anti-Gingerbread House

Dude. Just the words "gingerbread house" make me uncomfortable. You know I feel very strong negative emotion about making gingerbread houses. The first one I ever tried to build was with my husband and three-year old daughter several years ago. It was so ugly. I mean the situation, not the house. Tension, arguing, sweating, and tears....I think mine. Not sure.

But anyway, they anger me, unless they are constructed with hot glue. And who can eat a gingerbread house with hot glue on it? Defeats the whole purpose.

So listen to how my story has a happy ending.

Once upon a time, there was this little guy in my cookie cutter drawer. He was homeless and that was sad.

But then, this guy's really nice owner with pretty red hair went to Cost Plus World Market the other night and bought him his first home.


Notice how beautifully FLAT it is. I'm calling it my Anti-Gingerbread House.

So tonight, I baked these. I know you totally want to borrow this thing.

It was super fun!! Happy memories. No collapsed walls. Not a single tear.

Lots of eating frosting. Sometimes directly from the baggie. There's beanie guy again. Yep. Still has it on, but even more adorable because he's doing a craft with us.

Here are some of my secrets, by the way:

1. Microwaved a jar of store-bought vanilla frosting for about 45 seconds so it was slightly runny. Spooned it into snack-sized zipper baggies.

Snipped off a TEENSY corner of the baggie with the scissors and taught my small people how to "pipe" this sugar glue onto the house and guys.

2. Used everything in the pantry that could be edible decor. Bought nothing new for the project. Valentine's day heart sprinkles, mint chips, marshmallows, (I meant to use coconut but forgot), mini candy canes, and American flag toothpicks were some of what I scrounged up.

3. Set up a city. Isn't it so happy? And two-dimensional, which is the best part.

{Notice how my husband's gingerbread guy is trying to get into my adorable house!}

His guy looks wasted, and has a broken leg. Look at his eyes. I'm sooo not letting that guy in.

But I AM linking up with Heather at Blessed Little Nest today for Life Made Lovely Monday.  Check her out because she and her little blog are seriously cool.



  1. Aww. You found a great 'new' way to do your houses. They are so pretty and fun.

  2. I love your idea! I tried to attempt a gingerbread house with my boys last year and it was a flop. The whole thing ended up in the garbage. I could handle making it your way. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. i love this idea! we have had a couple ugly attempts at gingerbread houses in the past as well. this year my sister-in-law gave the kids a little boxed kit so i opened it up, set it up for them and walked away. they did it together without a single fight (amazing!) and i resisted all urges, and there were a few, to "help" them. secretly i just wanted my own to do :) i love the look of the 2D ones, very cool!

  4. hahahaha...this made me need the house that is already put together!!!!

  5. we lost a piece of our gingerbread house (we think the dog ate it) and had to construct one wall made out of cardboard. There may or may have not been tears as well. but this is a fabulous idea! thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so awesome! I am Ok if I am doing the constructing but to help a 5 & 2 year old? Tears & Yelling :( This is great, like the next level up from cookie decorating! Thanks again!

  7. you know i love this idea! sign me up for the next anti gingerbread night and i'll bring some year old candy necklaces to add to the mix.

    i think it's fantastic that you took a memory that was full of stress and teas, and made it over in a very lovely way. your own way!.

  8. keepin up Christmas traditions with stress-free flair?! count me in.

  9. These are so very cool! I love how you made this all work for you. What a lovely activity!


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