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Cake in a can?

hello little busy bee!
you have been very creative lately!
i am having a bit of a creative block.
but that's ok. i'll get over it.

for now, haven't you tooooooatally wanted to try this?
baking yummy stuff in tin cans?!
come on!
everyone wants to do this!
well i did  it.
i mixed up a batch of pumpkin bread and poured a little bit of olive oil into the washed and de-labeled cans and swished it around.
then i just filled um about 3/4 full.
baked um on a rack with a cookie sheet on the lower rack to catch spills (learned that the hard way ;)
and then when they were cool, ran a knife around the rim to remove them!
look how cute the round loaf is!

why to my kids love this stuff so much!?
those picky little eaters would chow down the entire batch if i let them!

why do they have their shirts off?, you may ask....
i actually had to make them get their pants on since they would run around in their underpants all day if i let them....but for pictures, we try to clean it up a bit.
pants are a must.
shirts optional.
also, jake has to be bribed to have his picture taken at this point in time.
and for this particular picture i had worn out the bribery card.
shoot to the hand.
isn't he darling.

so, it worked!
i am so pleased!
little round pumpkin loaves!
now to move on to the dessert for the party this weekend....
oh gosh. i just got chills, did you?
cause those things are gonna be the yummiest thing ever!
(don't i sound a bit like junie b, right now?)


  1. you DO sound like Junie B! except she can't rock the yummy treats in tin cans. Yay. Glad to hear it worked so well! love the pic of Jake's hand.


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