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baby it's cold outside! (seven things you can still do when it's rainy)

well, not that cold.
but at least rainy.
i know you get very thrown off by rainy.
and you know that it is my favorite weather.
yet another lovable contrast with us.....
so this picture probably makes you sad while it makes me smile and rub my hands together.
we are a funny little team.

this morning i woke up to my three kids making a plan to go get donuts.
them three, and me.
so we got in the car,
but on the way, Jake saw a straggler box of legos, that i hadn't wrapped yet, in the garage.
he started asking questions and, well, i lied and told him it was for a give away to a military donations box at the gym (i know i know! so naughty! but i really did put a toy in that box last week!)
he slumped away, but not before i heard him mumble, "what a waste"......
he is not a jerk.
but that was so hideous to me.
what a waste!?!
i wanted to take back all his presents.
i wanted to lecture him for 5 and a half hours.
i wanted to take all the rest of the kids to donuts and leave him at home alone (not really...well sorta).
i got really quiet and we made LONG eye contact.
he knew it was suuuuuper wrong.
so they all got in the car and i ran in to grab my phone only to come back to a car full of screaming brats.
ella crying screaming that the boys told her they wanted to break her "dance party" cd in half.
the boys being mean to each other.
everyone was hungry, but this whole deal DOES NOT deserve the special treat of donuts right now!
so i put the break back on, grab three cuties and three paper cups (for them to put the orange peels in)
and say,"that's it, no donuts, this family has lost it's christmas spirit."
they ALL cry.
isn't that an awesome morning?

i am just quiet after that.
waiting to see what they'll do.
i go back and forth from feeling really bad about them being hungry to hoping that they feel a little discomfort, since they have been so hideous.
but i don't say a word.
then one by one they start to apologize.
to each other,  and to me.
they start to giggle and laugh and tease each other and then i finally join in and that was it.
this all happened between my house and the spectrum.
and so then we got out, and they were so completely turned around in attitude that i was inspired to take them on the carousel.

so here is the real point to my post.
7 things you can still do if it's rainy.....

ride the carousel.

splash in puddles

hold hands under an umbrella

get your crafts all lined up for craft week.

drink hot cider
 i know i know, you hate it, but doesn't this sign make you sorta want some? sorta?
then hot tea for you.

wear boots.

use my cute new phone case.
ok ok. i know you were with me when i bought this, but i just wanted to show off.

so there you have it.
when you are not making absolutely adorable gingerbread creations or some scrumptious healthy meal for your family while watching White Christmas with them (since i know your family will watch it with you), you should try these.


  1. I'll get you a whole BOX of donuts as your reward since you were such a great mommy this morning. A rough start, totally redeemed!! Great job using grace and well-timed silence. I like it. And the phone case.

  2. love that phone case, one could not help but show it off : )
    oh, those days when it seems as if bratty aliens have invaded your kids' bodies (and mouths) .....i do hate those days. i'm glad the day turned around for you!

  3. Thanks for posting your story! I dance this same dance and it is always nice to know we can create our own answers as we go.

  4. amen! we love the rain! breaking out the umbrellas, boots and sweaters!!


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