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where's my christmas spirit?

you really do have the best ideas, little red headed friend.
i can see the wheels in your head getting all geared up and starting to smoke.
i especially love the cake, of course.
since it's cake....
and a banner.
can you get any better?

i have to tell you, though, that i am NOT feeling very inspired toward the normal Christmas hoopla (is that a word?)
i just feel like its December 2 and i have not one gift bought....and really no good ideas or any of my usual excitement about the giving.
it all just feels like a burden.
i don't WANT to feel this way.
i DO love to give.
but maybe i am just hitting my 32nd Christmas and it is just starting to feel to forced.
like someone is yelling in my ear, "come on! step it up and appreciate people with gifts!"
that is not cool.
my kids don't need anymore toys.
my house feels pretty crammed with everything we have and plus all my crafting stuff.
i don't really want anymore "crap" others must not either.

Oh gosh i am so depressing! where is this all coming from?!
 i need a pep talk, or somethin'!

well, if you have any ideas of "non-crap" gifts that i could get to check off my list of gifts i need to get, let me know.
for now, all i can think of is this:
have you seen this movie?
i think we maybe even saw it together with Reedo and Kevin, when it was in the theaters right?
remember this little lady?

gram gram?
well, i looked and looked, with no success, for the scene where the family decides to listen to their creepy "pastor", and do away with material gifts and go around the room doing a "spiritual gift giving of sorts".
but, if you remember what gram gram says, you may agree that maybe its a little edgy for cake and cotton anyway.
maybe that's what i should do :)
not what gram gram said, of course....
but a non-material gift giving....
any thoughts?
you seem to be sorta inspired to make gifts this year.
i am jealous.
help me.


  1. Remember? Two are better than one. Let's have a night of making gifts together. That will be more fun and not feel forced. The love for our recipients will flow, especially if we have pie and jasmine tea. Or you could write them each a sonnet. Whatev.

  2. So sorry you're not feelin' it girlie.

    A lot of it has to do with the "after vacation blues". The let down after an awesome vacation, when reality kinda slaps you in the face, and you have to get back to your own life.

    Give yourself some time, just put a toe in the water, then your whole foot, pretty soon you'll be splashing away in Christmas spirit!!

  3. i just found this lovely blog yesterday and decided to read up on a few old posts. i know that this is probably a little late, but here's an idea for next year: advent conspiracy. you should look into it. the whole idea has really changed my outlook on things. here's the link to the site and a video about it:


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