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Your DC Advent

Happy December, friend!

Today I'm bringing you an advent calendar I made especially for you ;)

A whole entire month's worth of DC, your favorite beverage in the world.

You know why? Because I think you should live it up for this month. Drink DC until you can't drink any more of it. Then give it up! 

How 'bout that January 1st New Year's Resolution: No more DC addiction?

So here you go. One dose daily, for 31 days of December.
(And notice, there are really 32 - one for emergency use. When you REALLY need a second maybe on Christmas Eve when you need to power it in preparation for the next morning. That's why it's marked with an "E" for Emergency.)

If you really don't feel like giving it up, read this on how much your risk of pancreatic cancer goes up after 2 or more sodas per week. Yep. 85%.

Or this, a pretty scary article on the chemical components of aspartame and what they do to you. Brain tumors. Altered brain chemistry. Depression. Arthritis. Grossness.

Then I watched two equally scary videos dealing with artificial sweetners and diet soda on YouTube. How aspartame was unanimously prohibited by the FDA for several years, until, it is implied, politics trumped science and it was on the market in no time. The videos showed cases of more brain tumors. People with major "diseases" like Parkinsons, or so they thought, that disappeared after stopping the DC. It even causes deterioration of the cells in your eyes, leading to the breakdown of one's vision.

Ok. I'll stop with the grossness. But you know I'm only going there because I love you.

I also love biology. But I love you more. I want you to see your babies clearly, and use that camera to capture the beauty that we all need until you are so old, you can no longer hold one up to your eye.

And I don't want any of those other bad things to happen to you either, particularly if they can be prevented.

I know you're a big girl, and I know you get to do what you want. But it was just one of my never-ending of the reasons you love me, right?

If you turn me down, at least I had a reason to use my new Martha Stewart "pinked circle" punch. Rad, huh? You can borrow it. Always keeping it real here on cake & cotton.


  1. that is an awesome advent. I wish fake sugar was good for you because I am addicted to coke zero. I don't like those stats at all :(
    Merry DC drinking!

  2. Holy moly you are cute!
    My chances for giving it up for good just sky rocketed.

  3. Leslie, you are hilarious, creative and FUN! all rolled into one.

    Not a fan of the DC-- not a fan of soda, really. But since I'm not a coffee drinker either, I do have some of the "E" ones on standby for the days when I need a little caffeine. ;)

    My bro-in-law used to drink multiple DCs (or other Diet drinks) a day and actually GOT A BRAIN TUMOR. No kidding. He had the tumor surgically removed and no longer drinks diet soda. :)

    p.s.- I *LOVE* the circle punch. :)

  4. Live it up, then give it up. I love it!!

    I gave it up, and it doesn't even taste good to me anymore!!

    Leslie, you crack me up!! I love how much you care for Shauna, you are both so lucky to have each other!!


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