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Look what I found!

Did you know I have this weird space at the top of my stairs with a door the height of a large gnome (and with a door frame on which I always bump my head) that we call the Christmas Closet? It's locked with a key that hangs out of small people's reach because I hide presents in there. (If you were my kid, I know you'd want to sneak the key!)

But other things are in there too. Here are some of the things in my Christmas Closet:

Seasonal linens that are out of season
Themed party supplies (luau anyone?)
A ceiling fan that never got installed
Kids clothes to be sent to consignment
Tubs of stuff I want to save (large pieces of fabric, kids' baby keepsakes)

....for Christmas, kids' birthday parties, people who need a sudden present like teachers or neighbors but not my mail lady...

And guess what else I found in there while cleaning it out?


Aren't they so cute? I remember buying these two years ago after Christmas on super-duper clearance at a Joann's Fabric store. I think they were less than $1 each. I had 10 of them tied up in a plastic bag that I'd forgotten about and now I need YUMMY IDEAS.

Please share all yummy ideas for treats to make and give as gifts. Any good recipes for nut brittles? Truffles? Candies (that aren't too hard) or something like that? 

This recipe for APPLE CIDER CARAMELS from Our Best Bites sounds amazing. I may have to try it.

Santa may even bring you a box too!

Wait, that dude gets way too much credit, especially with my kids.

So you won't get a tin dropped down your chimney from a jolly old man in a red suit. I will bring you one my big self.

But to the door.
Maybe I'll even put jingle bells on my weiner dog and harness him to a red wagon filled with the tins.
That would be awesome.


  1. that's what i'm talking about. i got those at Joann's maybe two Christmases ago, too. " : ) That was one serious bargain! i love when i find forgotten things like that, the good kind of forgotten.

  2. , mom and I have homemade peanut butter balls, they are the family treat. Also how about some Italian biscottis, Maybe some smelly soaps or homemade salt bath, peanut brittle is always good. Have fun.
    Cousin Jane

  3. Here's a SUPER easy (KID FRIENDLY!) candy we like--
    Mini Turtles

    Snyder's Pretzel Snaps (the square ones)
    Rolos candies
    Pecan Halves

    Lay pretzels out on a cookie sheet. Put one unwrapped rolo on each pretzel. Bake on very low degree (170 ish) for about 5-6 minutes-- just until the rolo is soft enough to 'give'. Pull tray out and press a pecan half onto each pretzel.

    Refrigerate until set.



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