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Do you see what I see?

Hey, friend.

Look who has been nestled amongst my Christmas decorations. It's because she's "Holiday Barbie."

Am I a bad mother? Why does my child own this??? And why does a toy have serious cleavage? And the dress! Sheeesh. Yes, I feel like a bad mother.

I think Christmas Barbie should be dressed like Mary from the first century, with no makeup, and certainly no platform heels.

THIS particular Christmas Barbie has been crashing office parties and making out with other people's husbands next to the punch bowl. She should be called "I'm on the Naughty List" Barbie.

But here's my battle: to make a big deal out of this toy to my eight year old then makes a big deal out of it. She's innocent. She DOESN'T see what I see. I just have to know, WHAT are you gonna do about the plethora of issues that arise once your innocent little baby girl wants Barbies?

I'm telling you. There are NO modest Barbies anymore. They are all looking like they spend every minute of every day up in the club!

So c'mon. Help me with some words that I can use to casually address the naughtiness of these plastic ladies who live in my home and amongst my decorations. Because those Santas are blushing.


  1. OK, the timing of this is funny.
    I cleaned out my attic this weekend (FUN!!) and found a storage bin of MY old Barbies (from about 1982) along with a ton of handmade Barbie/Ken clothes that my grandmother made for my mom and her sisters (my aunts). The clothes are totally retro-- circa 1960.

    My girls are in Barbie HEEEEEEEAVEN. :)

    (And here's where this finally ties into your post...)

    So, my 3 yr old was undressing one of the dolls today and I did a total double-take because the "naked" doll isn't naked-- it actually has a bra and panties on it! Barbie used to be modest--> WHO KNEW?!

  2. Stick with American Girl holiday outfits? Expensive, but definitely age appropriate! Do you know what Bratz are? They are even worse than Barbie. . .Emily and I got them as gifts when we were 11 and 12 ish and we knew by then how inapropriate looking they were. I'm glad we outgrew dolls by that time, those Bratz are soo ugly and have such a bad name. Who would by a doll called a brat for their kid?


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