Band you gotta hear

Hey, just had to share - this is my husbands new favorite band; he brought me home the CD saying I'd love it. Yep, I do. {Thanks for knowing me, lover o' mine.}

They're called The Civil Wars.

Here's a video of one of their most popular songs. This one was featured on a season finale of a special little show called Grey's Anatomy. I'm not sure how he knows, but my husband said after it ran on the show, 500,000 people googled the song the next day.

That's a lot of love. {Press pause on the mixpod to the left and listen to this.}

Kevin should have just written this post.

He thinks this girl's voice reminds him of your sister, Grace. Don't you think she and her special man would be amazing at singing these songs?? (I'd link her to her own video singing, but which one??)

Ok, one more video. You're gonna laugh. A new take on your oldie favorite.

Sweet huh?


  1. oh gosh! this IS awesome!
    you win...you always do.
    ha ha.
    i wonder if gracie girl has seen this?
    she should, cause i agree, she'd like it.

  2. Hey Leslie! i LOVE the civil wars:) Just thought I'd let you know that their NEW song is FREE on itunes right now!:) Can't beat free AND fabulous music!

  3. dude, i just went on youtube and i am thinking that that girl, Joy Williams, started as an CHristian artist? well i am sure she is still a Christian....just there are a buncha Christian songs by her on youtube...including that "falling on my knees" one...did you already know that? she is cute.

  4. Yes, I did know that. I have one of her albums from about 5 yrs ago. She was blonde and looked completely different, but it's her.


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