Love is for friends, Day 12

For Shauna:

Day 12: In response to yours yesterday, I love your children. They are such creative, emotional, expressive, and interesting people. They are speakin' my language often, and I am in awe of how amazing they are. You are such a good mother to them. You know what they need, and you are not afraid of doing your job as a mother to them. They really have such beautiful hearts, and I know that is largely because of you and they way you listen to God for wisdom in how to raise them.

For Leslie:

Day 12: i love all your words.
i am sometimes jealous of your gift of words, and sometimes relieved that i don't have it, you know?
you are so easily able to express your thoughts or ideas by explaining.  i know that can seem like a burden, but it is amazing to see you use it for good.  that's what you do. use your gift for good.
i can remember clearly, several times when i read something your wrote and had to exclaim....outloud....some kind of comment or something because it was so great. it was different sorts of things each time. jubilee (obvs. that one is actually a double whammy since i read it twice with years separating the times and BOTH times meant something different to me). random tidbit stuff...it doesn't have to be life changing every time, it just has to fit the need. you do that. fit the need with your words.  i love that.

oh gosh! i am getting good at this! are we really stopping on the 14th?!

ha ha just kidding...

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  1. i know you put the "just kidding" part because a teeny part of you got scared i'd be excited about continuing :) hey, btw, is anyone else reading this blog anymore besides us?? :) did we lose everyone in our little series?? haha...


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