It's Business Time

Am I really posting this?

Yes I am. My hubs and I used to love that show Flight of the Conchords. It was an HBO program (I think), not that we ever had HBO, which is why I'm not certain it was on that station. But we owned the first two season DVDs. I'm also not certain there were more than two seasons at all.

Anyway, Bret and Jemaine, who are from New Zealand and are members of the "folk parody" band Flight of the Conchords are so stinkin' hilarious. A friend posted this the other day, and I was reminded of this funny, funny song from one of their episodes.

When better to share it than on Valentine's Day??

Aww, sweet love and....business time.

Get out your business socks.

{press pause on the mixpod before playing}


  1. Yay for New Zealanders (of course I'm slightly biased being one!!). Love these guys... and this song is too funny.

  2. Umm I love those guys and that is one of my very favorite songs! I cannot help but laugh and laugh every time.

  3. Makin' LOVE. Makin' love for 2.........minutes.

  4. A favorite song of ours too!

  5. I love this video...it's hilarious. I've shown it and this blog to 10 different people. We all laughed so hard. I've gotten two phone calls asking me if it Wednesday. Thanks for sharing lady!!


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