Love is for friends, Day 9

For Shauna:

Day 9: I love how hospitable you are. You have a welcoming home to go with your welcoming spirit. This is really a gift you know how to give others, and Ella will learn a great deal from watching you serve your friends and family in this way. Being in your home and the way you tend to my needs tells me (and everyone else who comes over) that I am loved. I love to hang out over there, and I'm blessed to have a place like your house in which I feel I can be myself and be known. Isn't this what we want EVERYONE who comes over to feel like? Again - a really good example to me....
For Leslie:

Day 9: i love that when i tell you that i am (a little bit) burning out on the everyday dissecting our love post thing, you will still love me.
words sometimes are not my best thing, and i have a tummy ache from that burger place today....
so here is my love...in my language....

and finally....

i love this one (above) so so much.
really so much.
and i love you.

{Thanks, friends, for following our February Advent. To view all the posts in this conversation, click on the tag "Love is for friends" on the sidebar}


  1. REALLY really great! Oh my, those are so lovely of my lovely princess. I get it about your love language. Of course I can still feel/see it, don't worry! Only a few days left...

  2. So cute! Sophie's getting so tall.
    P.S. I wonder which neighbor she got that j'dorable headband from ;)


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