Love is for friends, Day 6

For Shauna:

Day 6:  I love how you parent. Your special Reed mixture of three little bodies I know makes you feel like the struggler at times when we're all together. But I really do learn from your parenting of them all the time. You are really, really good at being their mom. You always seem to know just what to do. You never seem exasperated, overwhelmed or defeated in your parenting. That I don't really understand, but I'm in awe of the way you seem to constantly have ideas or be energized for what they are throwing your way. You face the challenges of parenting without fear, and that makes us all feel a bit more capable to do so.

For Leslie:

Day 6: i love the way you seem to have an unlimited ability to listen to your kids.  i don't really understand that either.  by the time i  have completely tuned out the 57th whiney request for a snack, you are still able to say back to those little rascals what they must be feeling.  it is amazing.  and your kids talk slow.  i can see how God has done a work in you and stilled your heart in many moments, when it seems completely acceptable(to me) "shut them up" with a clipped rebuke, you can somehow keep listening. if that's not God's patience working right through you , i don't know what is.....i love that.

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