Love is for friends, Day 5

For Shauna:

Day 5: I love how you strive to take your appropriate place in every relationship. You are great at trying not to overstep boundaries or take on more responsibility for a person's feelings than you should. I think this is an important skill in life and I also think very few people think about it. I'm glad your example has taught me to keep thinking about it.....in marriage, in parenting, with parents, siblings, friends....the whole range of relationships. It is so important; thanks for the many conversations we've had trying to figure out how to take our appropriate places in our relationships. We are protecting each other from a lot of potential wrong, I believe...

For Leslie:

Day 5: i love how you are willing to change.  i know, i know, you may not think that is true all the time....and of course none of this stuff that we have been sharing is ALWAYS true. we are both loving the others true selves.  and when you are your true self, you are making effort to be open to change. the reason i love that about you is that i know that change isn't easy for you (is it for any of us?).  i can see you working hard to have an open mind..... to plans, to God's ways, to your place, to a different food place, to taking a trip.....it's hard...you have MANY details floating around that little redhead of yours...but i see you striving for flexibility and easiness...i just love you.

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