Love is for friends, Day 2

For Shauna:

Day 2: I love that you laugh a lot. I don't laugh very easily, and I wish I did. You help me laugh more, and you certainly help me laugh more at myself :) Thank you for reminding me how good it is to wash over our mistakes with grace and a light heart. It is one way you lift me up when I am down. Laughter is indeed good medicine.

For Leslie:

Day 2: i love that you usually have a plan.
i know that this can get you in trouble  at times. but it is something i really love about you. i am someone who likes to follow along sometimes since planning is not really my nature and all i can muster up is usually spent on my family. it is a relief to be around you when i just need someone else to be in charge.

{Thanks, friends, for following our February Advent. To view all the posts in this conversation, click on the tag "Love is for friends" on the sidebar}

1 comment:

  1. i love your laugh! it isn't loud and open mouthed, like mine, it is kinda quiet and choking..bahahaha!


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