Love is for friends, Day 13

For Shauna:

Day 13: I love how you live your life. Is that too broad? You live what you believe, you try to think the best of your loved ones, you speak truth when needed, you give grace when needed....and of course you are not perfect. But over all of this, I see that you try your hardest. And when you make a mistake, you are humble about it. You are sincerely trying to be the best obedient little daughter of God that you can, and when you aren't, you are grateful for His grace for you, and you are never minimizing that by condemning yourself or feeling guilty. You live His freedom, and I can see that that is what motivates you to LOVE in return and outwards to everyone else.
For Leslie:

Day 13:( written the day AFTER...sorry)  i love your grace.
i am always amazed when there is conflict in your life, that you are not more quick to point fingers at the "wrong do-er". i can see clearly god's grace for the ones you love flowing through you. this last year i have seen you looking at your family and friends through a lens that shows you how God must see them. He's given you compassion when i don't expect it. that is a great example to me. really. i think of it a lot. thank you.

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