Love is for friends, Day 4

For Shauna:

Day 4: i love that you are such a joyful person. God knew I needed that in a friend. wow, did He know. even your happy music that i sometimes complain about actually makes me feel happier. your whole joyful nature teaches me to CHOOSE that attitude more, even when i don't naturally feel it because of my more melancholy personality. so you model a joyful spirit for me. and a lot of times, that points me to a better choice with my attitude. thank you for most always being able to find the joy in your day and for sharing it with me.

For Leslie:

Day 4: i know i have said this before(maybe on the description of you on this blog), but i have to say it again.  i love your taste. in food and clothes and fabric and cupcakes and music(usually) and pretty much everything.  we don't alway have the same taste, but i just love yours. i am sometimes feisty and try to say that i don't but is just a lie. xoxo

{Thanks, friends, for following our February Advent. To view all the posts in this conversation, click on the tag "Love is for friends" on the sidebar}

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